3 Easy Ways to Accelerate Internet Connection Android

How to speed up internet connection android

Buddy must follow some way of speeding this android internet in order to get maximum results.

See good tips on how to speed up internet android following:

1. Use the Fastest Browser

This is the first thing to note my friend.
Choose a browser fast and lightweight as a major influence on the speed of the internet connection in android pal.

Remember ya buddy, I suggest to use the fastest browser is not the best browser.

Best Browser fast but not necessarily the fastest browser is definitely good for internet connection android pal.

The fastest browser can mate wear today is operamini. Browser is a lightweight browser application. Browser does not immediately respond to requests when used browsing.

Each request will be passed through the first server to be compressed so that the file size becomes smaller, after it had sent to the mobile device agen sbobet resmi.

This compressed method is a way to accelerate the delivery of data and will certainly speed up internet connection android pal.

The browser is also very suitable for use for the internet quota Conserve android pal.

2. Turn off Auto Sync and Background Data

Many applications such as Gmail and Facebook Messenger to continue to access the Internet in the background, which in turn makes the Internet connection so slow.

Applications running in the background can reduce the speed of download and browsing.

why do I say that?

Try buddy imagine, if the motors in drive by 5 to 10 people, whether the motor can run fast?

It is essentially an example.

Ideally if when we do browsing but other applications that do not we use also use an internet connection, whether we can browse quickly?

Of course not. Because too many applications that also use our android internet connection.

Therefore, if my friend wants to speed up internet connection android, man must turn off the background data.

try my friend see this,

Background data

although this application is not in use at all but the application is still running in the background which can slow down my internet connection.

To disable switch background data, my friend can go into the settings and select the data network and choose to limit background data.

Restrict background data

setting in every android can be different, so my friend could find itself pengaturanya in android pal.

To disable auto sync go to settings> Accounts> select disable auto Sync

auto sync

3. Use or WCDMA 3G networks only

This is the most powerful way that can speed internet connection android pal. There are some network services are in use by android ie GPRS, EDGE, 3G, HSPA and 4G LTE.

They have speed browsing and downloading different.

GPRS is the slowest network today. While 4G LTE is a technology that has recently released in Indonesia and became popular because kecepatanya.

Unfortunately, many providers are still getting ready to update to 4G LTE networks.

So for now or WCDMA 3G networks much faster than other network.

Well, to speed up internet connection android, android pal pal had to lock in a 3G network or WCDMA (HSPA).

The trick …..

Go into Settings
Choose other
Then select a cellular network
Tap the type of network in select
And select 3G

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