Bayern Munich’s Penggawa Always Support Lewandowski So Top Score

Bayern Munich’s Penggawa Always Support Lewandowski So Top Score

Bayern Munich CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge admitted that his colleagues Robert Lewandowski fully supported the Polish attacker could win the golden shoes at the end of the Bundesliga competition Classic Games Sbobet.

Lewandowski sits in second place in the Bundesliga top scoring list, under Borussia Dortmund boss Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and blames the lack of support from his colleagues in the last match against Freiburg last season. Both bomber is only one goal difference, Lewa (30) and Auba (31).

According to reports, the tactician Die Roten was not spared so lament Lewa who can not embrace the top score. Although Carlo Ancelotti denied all complaints made by his attacker.

Responding to the less harmonious situation of the Bayern body, Rummenigge considers the commonplace happen. Given the high expectations that Lewa faced so strongly, and he merely expressed his disappointment. Every different perception will always appear in each individual according to him.

“I’ve spoken to Maik Barthel, the agent of Robert Lewandowski, and asked him what the matter was,” Rummenigge said in a press conference session.

“He said that Robert felt a bit lack of support in the last game against Freiburg. I replied that I did not see anything like that, and I wanted to remind him that Robert had little chance, which his teammate made an opportunity for him, ”

“And I want to remind people that there are two opportunities that Arturo Vidal has, where he does not nest in an empty goalkeeper, and may not go through the way he should be doing,”

“I can say his teammates always want him to get gold shoes but that does not fit the plan at the end of the lag because Lewa scored only one goal, Aubameyang two goals, it happened,”

“But I think when you score 60 goals in the Bundesliga in two seasons, then you can not be satisfied, though without reaching for gold shoes. The coach also told me that he told other players to help Lewa in particular so he could win the top scoring title. It does not happen, but it does not matter. ”

The aftermath of this dispute, there is a rumor that the Polish striker began to think to leave. Although in the end, Bayern issued a statement will not sell the machine’s goal at any price. (Source: Sportskeeda)

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