Challenge Persegres, Sriwijaya FC Ambition To Maximize Maximum Points

Challenge Persegres, Sriwijaya FC Ambition To Maximize Maximum Points

High-level optimism carried by Sriwijaya FC squad who will face host Persegres Gresik United in the game continued Liga 1 at Surajaya Stadium, Lamongan, Monday (24/7/2017) night.

Sriwijaya FC benefit because the hosts will host them at home instead of GOR Tri Dharma and the Petrochemical Stadium within a complex used for the title of Asian Men’s Volleyball Championship 2017.

“We will take advantage because with this we will play in the field neutral. So, hopefully this will be good for us, “said coach Sriwijaya FC, Hartono Ruslan, in a press conference before the game on Sunday (23/07/2017).

He also added that the players are reluctant to be wary or give special guard against one or two players Persegres are considered dangerous in the game. Hartono rate, football is a collective game.

“I’ve always never been wary of one person, but one team. We will try to play as best we can, as much as possible, and try to win the game, “he said.

Related players who were absent in the game, Hartono also mentioned, only Zalnando and Bio Paulin only. Both players are known to have been injured for a long time.

Hartono was also reluctant to comment much when confirmed about one of his players Marco Sandy Maraudje, who reportedly was stumbling cases of abuse and abuse, some time ago.

“No case nothing. I did not bring them (he) just because Sriwijaya’s schedule is solid, too close because there is a delay when that day. So we have to do the rotation of players, “said Hartono.

Meanwhile, midfielder Yu Hyun Koo added that the conditions of Laskar Wong Kito’s team are ready to face Persegres. He also hopes Sriwijaya FC will come out as winners in action later to be able to improve the position in the standings.

“Friends are all ready. We want to get points to get the team better than the 15th position in the standings. We all do not want Sriwijaya in the 15th position, so we must be able to win against Gresik, “said Yu.

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