Goretzka: I Have Not Achieved The Best Performance

Goretzka: I Have Not Achieved The Best Performance
Schalke 04 midfielder, Leo Goretzka admitted that he is still not at the peak of performance, and still can grow for the better Judi Bola Online.

The 22-year-old midfielder was spectacular in the Confederations Cup, with the performance reportedly making him the target of Bayern Munich.

In the semi-final match against Mexico, he managed to create two goals, within an interval of two minutes. Carlo Ancelotti is reportedly continuing to monitor the situation of the player, but Goretzka chose to remain humble.

“You will definitely always try to improve every area of your game,” the midfielder told reporters.

“Tactically and mentally, I think I am strong enough. But I know if I still improve every aspect of my game, I hope I still have not reached the peak of my performance. “

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