How to Take Care of Your Computer

How to Take Care of Your Computer is one of the keywords that you often type in search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo as well. I’m sure by typing the word, you definitely do not want your favorite computer suddenly died instantly and can not be used. Yes it is a natural thing, I was doing the same thing. Surely you want the computer you use still maintained both in terms of hardware or The software.

To maintain computer (PC) or laptop, is actually very easy. You can do it yourself at home or in your office, you just need a little extra information so that you can really understand Caring Computer to Keep Sustainable use. Actually a lot of how to care for your laptop / computer it can use even if classified as old computers, such as Caring for Your Computer from Viruses and Caring for a Computer Hardware and Software.

Good without lengthy, let We discuss Smart Tips to Take Care of Your Computer Without a Technician of the following:


TIPS I – Computer Backup Regularly
Computer Backup deliberately I placed in the first position because this is very important from other points will we discuss. Backup regularly perform very well for you to do, it is useful to avoid things like unwanted deleted files, hard drives or other events that cause the file / files you can not be accessed. You can do the backup data using External storage media such as hard drives, Flasdisk or Floppy Disk. So when you can not access files or your hard drive is damaged, then you still have a backup file in other storage media.

TIPS II – Operate Computers accordance Procedures
Operate Computers accordance Procedures
shutdown Computer
It can not be denied again, operate the computer in a way that is good and true, will give good impact to the health of your computer. Operate a computer in accordance with the procedures is a smart move that you can do to keep your computer remain durable and able to be used in the long term. If you still feel confused with How to Operate Computers, please read the previous update that talks about it.

If you already know How to Operate Computers is Good and Right, now you only have to develop your knowledge so that your activities with everyday computer does not make you feel bored. You also need to know about the Ergonomic Computer so you can be more comfortable in operating computers and certainly not interfere with your health.

TIPS III – Close Programs Not Used
Run applications simultaneously (multitasking), will slow down the performance of a computer, this is because the memory usage of the computer that the greater the resulting system performance started to decline. To anticipate this, we recommend that you close apps that are not used for the performance of a computer system can be more stable and automatically extend the life of your computer equipment.

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