Osvaldo Haay Pede Live Game Prime Contra Thailand

Osvaldo Haay Pede Live Game Prime Contra Thailand

Indonesia U-22 national team struggle in the event Sea Games 2017 is quite heavy. Incorporated with Group B, Garuda Young with Thailand, Philippines, Timor Leste, Vietnam and Cambodia.

The first match will meet Thailand on 15 August 2017 at 15:00 at Shah Alam Stadium. Although directly met with a tough opponent, the optimistic tone is expelled from the mouth of Osvaldo Haay. Persipura midfielder is admitted his experience in the U-22 Asian Cup qualification so his learning to beat the White Elephant. At that time both teams drew 0-0.

“The burden is definitely there but I am optimistic. Thailand is strong, we respect but we also want to win we also want to qualify and achieve high achievement, “said Osvaldo told reporters.

Related preparations themselves, this 19-year-old midfielder added it claimed to have been more than enough. Especially since six months ago the training camp has been held.

“If TC is not short, because we’re already TC from a few months ago (February), maybe chemistry is also now there,” he added.

Including no further trials ahead of the upcoming 2017 Sea Games. He considered training before the Asian Cup qualifying plus three qualifying games judged more than enough. “Kan was already there, then the game on AFC. I do not think there is a problem, “he said.

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