Tite is Happy with Paulinho’s Development

Tite is Happy with Paulinho’s Development

Although there are still many critics who addressed Barcelona when deciding to bring Paulinho from Guangzhou Evergrande.

The reason, according to some point of view, 29-year-old player is claimed to not have the level and type of game required by Blaugrana.

However, what was then shown the former retainer of Tottenham Hotspur in the early period exactly said the opposite. He appears slick and habkan has managed to pack two goals.

The Brazilian national team manager, Tite, is clearly delighted with his men’s situation. He sees the level of Paulinho’s game growing ever since moving to Barca and will be a crucial player for Azulgrana.

“I think Paulinho keeps on clinging and he keeps raising his level of play. From my point of view, this reason is because Barca are playing with such a high level of cooperation, “Tite told local media.

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